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Get original designs for your social media channels. Static, animated or video, from Instagram to YouTube or Facebook, energize your marketing with a fully-stacked team of designers producing the best social media creative.

Better rates than hiring social media designers in-house

Between the cost of hiring, retaining, supporting and growing the careers of designers and creatives, it ends up being a lot of money. And not to mention the operational overhead that comes with it. In this video, we break down the true cost of getting that ad design done in-house.

Hint: Acemark is 20x faster than hiring internally and about half the cost of traditional design agencies.


From Instagram Stories to branding for YouTube –
just Acemark it

The need for fresh content and engaging posts in the ever-changing social media landscape has never been greater. Marketing and design teams need assistance to quickly produce on-brand social media content in the right specs that leave an impression.

Acemark’s collaborative platform makes it easy to create and manage social media design requests through a dedicated team of creative experts that understand your brand and business.




Faster than hiring creatives in-house




Reduction in average cost per asset




Lower turnaround time for digital assets

Social Media Creative Capabilities

Social Media Post Design

New social posts with variations according to your needs, specifically designed for social channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more.

Social Media Collateral

Motion or static social media elements, posts and images developed and tailored to your target audience specifications.

Social Media Concept Design

Idea development and conceptualization of creative for social media campaigns across all channels.

Animated Social Media Graphics

On-brand social media creative with animations to feature in carousel posts, reels, stories, and more.

What makes our Social Media Design services services different?

  • Scale your design output with an elastic, dedicated team of top designers and project managers.

  • Add adequate capacity during busy times and big projects, without increasing headcount.

  • Get continuous design inspiration and brand stewardship when needed.

  • Reduce your time-to-hire as well as your design overhead and costs.

  • Motivate your in-house designers and keep them focused on strategic, long-term projects.


Find Answers

Social media design pertains to the images and graphics that have been custom-created by a designer based on the context of the social post. Typically, this is a static image but can include motion (like videos or gifs) as well.

Images and graphics on social media represent your brand to the world, so be mindful of how you express yourself. When designing graphics for social media, you should consider brand style, colors, the context of the posting, and the dimensions required for the channel for best viewing.

Graphics are visual communications that provide brand awareness, leading to social engagement and increased followers. Visually pleasing posts on social media receive more engagement. Using quality graphics on social media connects your audience with your brand and encourages them to click your call to action—it’s why you’re using social media.

Motion design tends to grab your audience’s attention far more than a static graphic. Social media is saturated with tons of content that often distracts our audience from social ads or organic posts. With motion graphics, you can level up your social media engagement and reach more of your target audience by adding these attention-grabbing elements to your social posts. Motion graphics help to end the mindless thumb scroll.

Scale-ups and enterprises can use Acemark’s social media design services when their internal social media resources are at capacity, need an injection of fresh ideas, or looking to produce social content at scale. Social media is a fast-paced environment so keeping a steady influx of social creative design is paramount to keeping your brand vibrant and your target audience engaged and growing.

Most social media design services are either too limited to support the high volume and velocity of today’s enterprises, or they deliver creative that feels disconnected from the brand. Acemark solves both of these issues by giving teams always-on access to an elastic creative team onboarded to their brand. With creative project managers and design directors, the process is fully-managed for you that makes briefing, managing, and giving feedback on ad creative a breeze.

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