journal entry for salary paid

Salary a/c is debited to record the journal entry of salary paid. As per the terms of the partnership deed, they are allowed a monthly salary of 25,000 each. Show related journal entries to be posted in the books of AB Ltd. Nowadays, employers are quoting the Salary on a CTC basis (Cost to the Company basis). So, the Salary amount debited in the above journal entry includes the employer contribution. So, we need not debit this employer PF contribution as expense separately.

When the company enjoys the benefit from staffs’ employment, so they record expense into the income statement. Advance salary will be removed from the balance sheet as well and they do not need to pay the employees again. The company needs to pay fixed monthly expenses unless there are bonuses or increments. The salary is mostly fixed from month to month, however, the company can increase it once per year to motivate the employee to work harder and achieve higher targets.

Salaries Payable Definition

The company records the transaction by debiting salary expenses and credit accrued salary. Accountant needs to record salary expense in the business bookkeeping current month even the cash is not yet paid. It means we estimate the amount of salary paid and record salary expense verse accrued salary.

Pass the journal entries and make salaries payable ledger account for

the following transactions of Abdan & Co on 30th January 2019. These amounts include the basic salary, overtime, bonus, and Other allowance. There may be an accrued wages entry that is recorded at the end of each accounting period, and which is intended to record the amount of wages owed to employees but not yet paid. This entry is then reversed in the following accounting period, so that the initial recordation entry can take its place. As the company pays the employees before providing the service, so they should record it as advance salary and reverse it to expense at the end of the month.


This entry records the gross wages earned by employees, as well as all withholdings from their pay, and any additional taxes owed to the government by the company. The accrual principle in accounting is a concept that requires entities to record transactions in the period in which they occur. This concept goes against the cash accounting method in which entities only account for cash transactions. However, the accrual principle does not consider the timing of the cash flows. There are several accounts that entities must maintain to follow this principle.

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To make it easier for you to match with your bank statement, consider creating a separate line for each employee. For instance, you will use manual payment if you terminate an employee in the middle of a pay cycle and use a check to pay what they’ve earned so far. Instead, you’ll create another journal at the end of the quarter when you send Sam’s total withholdings to the government.

Salaries Payable

Common payable (liability) accounts include “FICA Taxes Payable,” “Federal Income Tax Payable”, “State Income Taxes Payable”, “Health Insurance Payable” and “Life Insurance Payable”. On the final line of the payroll entry, enter “Salaries Payable” in the description column. Enter the net payroll amount (salaries payable) in the credit column on the same line.

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Salary is among the most recurring transactions and paid on a periodical basis. The amount of salary payable by the employer to the employee is specified in the employment contract. Accrued salary will be removed from the balance sheet as the company pays employees and cash have decreased the same amount. Please prepare the journal entry for the January salary expense.

How to calculate Salary Payable?

In this case, the record would be passed to the journal entry on December 31, 2019, for the salaries accrued from December 28, 2010, to December 31, 2019. Therefore, the total number of days during the period is four, i.e., 28, 29, 30, and 31. Initial recordings are the most common types of entries you or your accountant will create when doing your payroll accounting.

If you want to streamline your payroll processing, Hourly payroll software makes your life easier by automatically calculating and withholding taxes from your paychecks. They even send them to the government for you, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. When you’re managing a business ledger, paying attention to detail and double-checking your work is important.

Steps for Recording a Payroll Journal Entry

However, on 01 April the staffs request to the owner to pay the salary in advance as it is a national holiday during the month. Management to decide to pay the April salary on the 1st day of the month to motivate the employees to work hard for the company. At the end of the month, the company should make journal entry by debiting salary expenses and credit cash or salary payable.

journal entry for salary paid

There is one salaried employee in the warehouse department with a gross salary of $48,000 per year, or $2,000 per pay period. There are four salaried employees in the Selling & Administrative Department with combined salaries of $9,000 per pay period. The company needs to make journal entry by debiting salary advances and credit cash to employees. Using debits and credits for payroll accounting can seem confusing at first. However, they are useful tools that help you keep track of one of your biggest expenses.

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